Writing Rules Sala Caffè

The virtual Sala Caffè is an area of free conversation that would ideally replicate and extend the debate and confrontation started in Ghislieri between Students, which have always been a precious value of Ghisleri’s dialectic.

The choice and discussion of the topics is completely free.

The inclusion of topics, their treatment and the related speeches are not subject to prior approval by the website Administrators. However they are entitled to remove comments that are not in line with the indications contained in Rule 7 of the regolamento attuativo dello statuto. it remains understood that all civil and criminal liability for the statements and representations contained in the contributions remains exclusively with the authors of the speeches, even if the website Administrators have not intervened.

It should be remembered, for example, that

1. excessive or self-praising forms and tones are not allowed;

2. the publication of texts or images covered by copyright or in any case characterized by restrictions on their disclosure is not allowed, unless explicitly authorized in writing by the author or the owner of the text and/or image;

3. expressions or representations, verbal or graphic, even if referring to moments of goliardic life, indecent or degrading, contrary to law or public order, sexist or racial content, offensive or disrespectful towards Ghislieri and its institutions or towards Students or third persons, are strictly forbidden;

4. communications of a promotional nature, aimed at the specific sale of goods or services, are not allowed;

5. photographs of third parties (excluding those taken during public events) are not allowed, unless the Member of the Associazione Alunni provides the written consent of the interested party, even if the latter is an Alumnus;

6. healthy and vigorous debate is admitted but not sterile and disturbing controversy;

7. no quarrels nor general or attacks are allowed;

8. the contents of the comments must be reasonably concise and essential in order not to burden with the discussion of the topics.

The initiation or participation by the Members implies the automatic acceptance of the rules indicated above and specified in the aforementioned Regola 7 of the Regolamento attuativo dello statuto.

Discussions that remain inactive, i.e. without further comments or interventions, for more than 90 days will be automatically deleted by the system.